Tuesday, 23 August 2011

My sketchbook

If three is a lucky number then this post must be super lucky since, it's my third post, today is the 23rd and I started writing this at 13 minutes past 5.

So anyway, I drew the picture to the left to represent my blog. I'm not sure how this young lady came to find herself stuck in a teapot. I am also unsure of how she became small enough to fit in there anyway (she probably drunk from a bottle labeled 'drink me' which made her begin shrinking uncontrollably). But however irresponsible she must have been to get into such a predicament, at least she had the sense  to write some notes from inside her teapot. And she must have been quite clever because now she has gained the honor of being my profile picture. Maybe she got stuck in the teapot as a clever publicity stunt?

This post is titled 'my sketchbook' because i have selected some of my favourite pictures from my sketchbook and scanned them onto my computer so that the few people who read my blog can see what my everyday artwork is like. These are the pictures:

So au revior my little chummies, I hope you enjoyed this post. Now I'm off to watch some rubbish TV, (yeah I know i should do something more arty but everyone needs a break and anyway my latest creation is still drying so i can't add anymore to it currently.)

Oh, before i publish this I will just say that I finished writing this at 33 minutes past 5, how's that for lucky?

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