Friday, 19 August 2011

chocolate mint cake

Yesterday I was busy making this beauty of a cake. It's primarily a chocolate sponge cake but it's soooooo much better because it also has heaps of mint matchmaker sticks and nutella. Now, if you are any kind of chocolate fan, and who isn't, you will know just how delicious those two things are.

I spent hours slaving away in the kitchen (not really, i actually enjoyed it) but let me tell you, it was worth it! (But like really worth it not in the fake kinda way loreal means it) The cake was so moist and yet it had crunch from the matchmakers. The chocolate was rich but the mint lightened the flavor. (And I hope you know I'm just saying this to make you drule and wish you had the cake, because that's the kind of evil girl I am. Alright I'll stop.)

There was only one thing wrong with the whole thing and that was that, whist heating some nutella to drizzle on top, I accidentally caramelized it.

The result was something which had the texture halve, complete with crunchy bits where the sugar had hardened completely. Surprisingly it actually tasted quite nice! It tasted almost exactly like the roasted hazelnuts you can by in a paper cup in the west end at Christmas time, although I'm guessing that eating caramelized nutella out of a saucepan is probably a lot worse for you!


  1. Hey!!! why didn't you bring that cake into school if you do ms Rahman will probably mark you higher in the test on friday!!!

  2. No way no teacher's gonna get there hands on my cake!