Friday, 27 April 2012

Hipster robots

Meet my two hipster robots, they are very fashionable because they are wearing drainpipes (geddit? because drainpipes are a type of skinny jeans - ha! I amuse myself!) You may not be able to see them too well because i had difficulty with my scanner but the first one has a tie and his body is a paint can. He has a pot and a frying pan for his head and upon it is a jauntily placed bin lid hat. The second is his boyfriend - they are very much in love you know - and he has a cabinet for a body and a bell for a head. Each of his hairs are little nails and he wears a bow tie.

Monday, 9 April 2012

up-cycling for the arty folk

Above is my silly abstract artwork made from the foil wrappers of the many, many chocolates I ate yesterday - which was Easter for those not in the know. It is titled 'Up-cycling for the arty folk' (I thought it was about time I started naming my artworks but 'Ted' didn't really suit it...)