Tuesday, 23 August 2011

My sketchbook

If three is a lucky number then this post must be super lucky since, it's my third post, today is the 23rd and I started writing this at 13 minutes past 5.

So anyway, I drew the picture to the left to represent my blog. I'm not sure how this young lady came to find herself stuck in a teapot. I am also unsure of how she became small enough to fit in there anyway (she probably drunk from a bottle labeled 'drink me' which made her begin shrinking uncontrollably). But however irresponsible she must have been to get into such a predicament, at least she had the sense  to write some notes from inside her teapot. And she must have been quite clever because now she has gained the honor of being my profile picture. Maybe she got stuck in the teapot as a clever publicity stunt?

This post is titled 'my sketchbook' because i have selected some of my favourite pictures from my sketchbook and scanned them onto my computer so that the few people who read my blog can see what my everyday artwork is like. These are the pictures:

So au revior my little chummies, I hope you enjoyed this post. Now I'm off to watch some rubbish TV, (yeah I know i should do something more arty but everyone needs a break and anyway my latest creation is still drying so i can't add anymore to it currently.)

Oh, before i publish this I will just say that I finished writing this at 33 minutes past 5, how's that for lucky?

Friday, 19 August 2011

chocolate mint cake

Yesterday I was busy making this beauty of a cake. It's primarily a chocolate sponge cake but it's soooooo much better because it also has heaps of mint matchmaker sticks and nutella. Now, if you are any kind of chocolate fan, and who isn't, you will know just how delicious those two things are.

I spent hours slaving away in the kitchen (not really, i actually enjoyed it) but let me tell you, it was worth it! (But like really worth it not in the fake kinda way loreal means it) The cake was so moist and yet it had crunch from the matchmakers. The chocolate was rich but the mint lightened the flavor. (And I hope you know I'm just saying this to make you drule and wish you had the cake, because that's the kind of evil girl I am. Alright I'll stop.)

There was only one thing wrong with the whole thing and that was that, whist heating some nutella to drizzle on top, I accidentally caramelized it.

The result was something which had the texture halve, complete with crunchy bits where the sugar had hardened completely. Surprisingly it actually tasted quite nice! It tasted almost exactly like the roasted hazelnuts you can by in a paper cup in the west end at Christmas time, although I'm guessing that eating caramelized nutella out of a saucepan is probably a lot worse for you!

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Budding young artist

I'm so exited! This is my first post on my new blog (well ok, I never really had an old blog so...). As I'm not really sure what one is supposed to write on a blog I will start of by telling you, whoever you may be, a bit about me and this blog. (By the way, what is with the word blog? It's quite strange isn't it? It's one of those really fun words to just say over and over again. Go ahead, just try saying blog loads of times in a row, 'tis quite satisfying.)

So anyway, I am a 14 year old girl and would describe myself as "a budding young artist". The only qualifications I have to support this statement are: I got a level 8 in my year 9 art results (for those of you who don't really understand levels, level 6 is average for year 9s, level 7 is above average and I got a level 8!) and my mummy thinks I'm good at art, so ok, I don't have any real qualifications, but I'm only 14, gimme a break!

This blog is hopefully going to be a way to exhibit my artwork for people to see. Here are a few pieces of my artwork to start with;

 The first picture is one i made to enter into a radio times royal wedding cover competition. I didn't win, but hey, that's life, and I have learnt from my mistakes. It is mostly paper cuttings except for the leaves which are printed out tiny stamps.

The second picture is one i made for my friend who wanted things to hang on her wall. The face has been covered because i know the friend in question would hate for it to be shown online. It is mostly drawing with some elements of collage.

The third picture is one i just did because I felt like it. This picture was inspired by the shape of a  paint chipping on my bathroom wall, it might seem strange but I can make faces and objects out of nearly anything. Actually when I was younger i got really scared of a pile of clothes because I made out a scary face in the folds of the fabric. I didn't get much sleep that night, I'll tell you that.

So hopefully that has convinced you of my artistic talent. If it hasn't then stay tuned anyway and maybe someday I'll post something which will. I end this post in true 'QI' style and leave you with this thought: when you make an account on google there is a section for gender, the options are female, male and... other. Who would constitute as other? Just something to think about.