Thursday, 27 October 2011

Mock en bouche

Before you ask, no, mock en bouche is not a real thing. Did that stop me from making it? Of course not!

You may or may not remember me saying that it was my life long dream to make the perfect croche en bouche (see 'my caramel fiasco'). Well yesterday, along with the help of my wonderful su chef, mum, i did a practice run. It wasn't a real croche en bouche because we didn't have a mold so the pyramid was well wonky, and anyway i was just messing around with putting it together bit because we weren't sure what to do with the caramel after (rather miraculously) we had made it.

Below are some pictures of the rise and fall of my mock en bouche.

Check out how cool the caramel looks on top! 

It wont be soon till i have made the perfect croche en bouche now! And besides, this may not have looked that great but it tasted A-MAZ-ING!!! (Sorry you couldn't have any but they 'aven't invented teleportation yet, *sigh*.)

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Note to self

The other day my sister was reading "the rain door'. Its an amazing children's book and i would definitely recommend it, but the best thing about it is that its illustrated by Quentin Blake. Whilst looking at the cover my sister said something along the lines of, 'why bother writing Quentin Blake on the cover? Its so obvious its illustrated by him'.
I just thought 'when i am older, and have become an awesome children's illustrator, i want to be so well known that they don't bother putting my name on the fronts of books'. And that my friends, is a pretty wicked ambition, and now officially what i will say the next time someone asks me what i want to be when I'm older.

Thursday, 6 October 2011

My caramel fiasco

So... i know its been quite a long time sense i last posted something new but I'm in year ten now and there's loads of pressure on me to do well in my GCSE's and as a result I've been getting lots more homework. However (good use of connectives, at least the tonnes of English homework I've been given is rubbing off on me), I intend to keep posting on my blog none the less, just maybe not so often.

Unfortunately due to lack of brilliance to show off with at the moment I have had to resort to posting things which show of some of my worse characteristics. Characteristics like my inability to make caramel without it crystallizing, on the up side the bubbles looked amazing (like some kind of alien landscape). So anyway here is a video of my crystallized caramel:

Oh, and would you look at that I spelled crystallized wrong in the video (maybe i was wrong about the English homework)!

I hope you enjoyed the video! And if you were wondering why I was trying to make caramel, it is because it is just one of the many cooking skills I have to require to be able to fulfill my lifelong dream of making the perfect croque en bouche (a tower of profiteer rolls held together with caramel).

So farewell my amazing readers, I bid you adieu.