Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Cut it out!

Hello! And may I just say thankyou to the 4 people who have had the brilliance to become my followers, it means a lot to me that at least some people like my humble attempt at a blog.

Before I write anything else, I would like to apologise for the title. I know its a terrible pun (and you'll see why in just a moment), but i really couldn't think of anything else.

The picture pictured bellow is one of something i made over the summer hollidays. I'm not really sure what you would describe it as but I'm very proud of it and wanted you to see it. (It seems strange writing 'you' as if I'm actually talking to someone because from where I'm sitting its like I'm talking to a computer, especially when I read it outloud to see how it sounds. But then its more like I'm talking to myself. I'm not sure which is worse.)

So there you have it. It might seem like a very short post but its really all i have to display as I'm now back at school and have considerebly less time for artistic for creative happenings. I hope to post again soon but until then feel free to leave a comment and have splendiferous fun doing whatever it is you do in those disparing hours you spend without my blog. (Hopefully something illegal because that's allways more fun.)

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