Saturday, 14 January 2012

Gi Gi

 Good eve, and merry belated Christmas. Or Hanukkah. Or the winter solstice. Or whatever strange holiday you celebrate. Just happy winter, because folks, let's face it, winter is a bloody depressing season so happiness now is very muchly needed.

This christmas i have been rawther busy in the kitchen. Well okay, that's a lie. Other than the gingerbread house pictured left, i have done no cooking. But do not be fooled, gingerbread houses are no mean feat!

I know i posted this really late, and Gi Gi (the name my sister christened it with) is no longer standing, but here are some pictures of it in its full glory.

 Next time i make a gingerbread house I've decided i'm gonna hide something inside it, how could i resist this sight?:

If anyone has any great ideas for things to hide inside it, please tell me in a comment bellow!

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